Welcome to Futurism Restated, by Philip Sherburne.

A newsletter about new music. Most of it electronic. Or “experimental,” whatever that means. But not always! Anyway, if you know my work, you probably know what kind of music you’re going to get here.

I’ve been writing about music for longer than I care to admit. For the past nine years, I’ve been a contributing editor at Pitchfork, though I’ve been writing there since 2005. (In fact, last year I filed my 500th review for them.) Before that, I was writing for SPIN, Resident Advisor, The Wire, and SF Weekly. Even, very occasionally, actually reputable joints like the New York Times. I’m also a sometime DJ and a (very) lapsed electronic musician. I used to be co-host, with Lapsus Records’ Albert Salinas, of Lapsus Radio, a weekly show on Spain’s national public Radio 3.

Albert and I currently co-run Balmat, an ambient-adjacent record label that has put out music from Patricia Wolf, µ-Ziq, and more.

Anyway: I’ve worn a lot of hats, so with Futurism Restated, I plan to keep things simple: I’ll be writing about the new releases (and sometimes not-so-new releases) that I haven’t gotten to write about elsewhere, but that I think you should absolutely listen to.

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A newsletter about electronic and experimental music.


Philip Sherburne 

I've been writing about music—mostly of an electronic or experimental bent—since the late 1990s. You've probably read my work in Pitchfork. I'm also cofounder of Balmat, an ambient-adjacent record label.